A new generation of patients deserves a new generation of care

Send direct messages with the doctor that knows you best.

Big Healthcare is a mess

Why is healthcare so frustrating?

Administrators and third party payers have made things a mess.

Between rushed office visits, time spent in the waiting room, and care decisions made by providers you've never met, it seems like your health is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Direct, Mobile, Always Your Doctor

JamboDoc makes it easy to talk to your doctor.

With JamboDoc, you can message your doctor whenever you want.

That makes it easy to address your issues as they come up, instead of waiting for an opening in the system. It removes the hassles from care and puts you and your doctor back in control of your health.

Relax, your doctor is available

Now you and your doctor can focus on what really matters.

Great care isn't about treating a symptom at the office and sending you on your way. It's about you as a complete patient, with all your unique physical, social, economic, and spiritual needs.

JamboDoc messaging lets you skip the frustrations and go straight to your doctor for great care that’s just not possible with an office-only approach.

Friendly doctor

Say Hello with JamboDoc!

JamboDoc is designed around simple communication. What could be simpler than sending a message directly to your doctor? JamboDoc is available everywhere - with iOS and Android apps and a full featured website so you can always be in touch.

We understand that all the changes in healthcare may be necessary, but we simply don’t accept that you need to sacrifice your health as the system figures out how to care for everybody else.

We believe that together we can fix healthcare for you - right now!

Get started with JamboDoc today!

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