It's time to love the way you practice again

Direct messaging is the key to creative engagement with your patients.

Big Healthcare has you trapped

Big Healthcare stole your strategic advantage.

The doctor-patient relationship isn’t just the key to great healthcare, it’s your strategic differentiator as a physician. We’ve got the technology and the business model to help you take it back.

Big Healthcare has minimized the relationship and devalued your profession. It's time to separate yourself from every doctor and nurse stuck in Big Healthcare’s machine.

Watch the value of your practice grow as your current patients - and new ones - seek out a new generation of care.

JamboDoc makes it easy to talk to your patients

Re-engage with your patients and your career.

You already use messaging everyday with your family and friends. Think of how much more you’re able to keep in touch because of it.

Now, apply that same level of easy, back and forth interaction with your patients and think about how personal healthcare becomes.

Many of your patients are ready for that kind of care right now. Don’t let Big Healthcare’s limited approach hold you back and keep you from offering a service your patients really want.


It doesn’t cost you anything.

We are your partner, not just another vendor trying to make a buck while misaligning you and your patients.

That’s why we don’t charge you.

Your patients pay monthly for the work we do and the work you do. It’s that simple.

Happy doctor with computer

Implementation is simple.

JamboDoc is a simple add-on service you can offer to your patients. There’s no complicated software to install or training sessions for your office staff.

Simply invite your patients into a month-long free trial through one of many options, and we’ll educate them about your fresh new approach.

We’ve even got promotional materials you can hand out in your office to get the buzz going and keep your explanations short and simple.

JamboDoc will have a huge impact on your practice, with even just a small percentage of your patients joining.

Doctor looking towards the future

Roll out advanced features as you grow

Start out by simply offering basic next-day messaging to your patients. They’ll love it!

Once you are comfortable you can add more features. Like priority scheduling, custom programs, specialized articles, and even 24/7 JamboNow messaging.

The choice is yours. And the core feature that brings all of these together is direct messaging.

It’s time to take back control of the way you practice.