Wish you could just message your doctor?

JamboDoc makes direct messaging easy and opens up a whole new world of care.

Frustrated patient in waiting room

Big Healthcare doesn’t care about you.

Long waits. Rushed visits. Booked schedules. Impersonal care. Sometimes it seems like everything about healthcare was designed to frustrate you and prevent you from getting the care you need.

That’s because the system doesn’t put any value on the one thing that matters most - the doctor-patient relationship.

Administrators and insurance companies are focused on making money by cutting costs and limiting what you and your doctor can do. And that strips away the advice and care from your most valuable guide - your doctor.

JamboDoc makes it easy to talk to your doctor

JamboDoc brings back a direct relationship with your doctor.

You don’t have to let the system dictate your choices. With JamboDoc, you’ll once again have a great relationship with the doctor who knows you best.

Your doctor will be there to answer those nagging questions, keep you up-to-date on the truth behind the latest outbreak, and guide you through Big Healthcare's administrative mazes.

It's a care experience custom tailored for your unique and personal needs.

Patient sending text

It’s as easy as sending a text.

JamboDoc gives you a direct connection to your doctor no matter where you are. Use our mobile apps or website to easily message your doctor whenever it’s convenient.

There’s no complicated phone tree, no voicemail, no awkward scheduled video chat. And nobody else between you and your doctor.

Simple. Easy. Powerful.

The doctor is here for you

Your doctor on demand for less than your cable bill

JamboDoc restores the missing component of great care for less than you’re paying for cable.

You pay JamboDoc’s monthly charge plus your doctor’s fees. All of your doctor’s fees go directly to your doctor and not some insurance middleman.

This direct pay relationship allows you and your doctor to focus solely on your needs... and not the needs of Big Healthcare.

It’s time to get the care you deserve.

Your first month is on us.