Privacy Policy

This Jambodoc Privacy Policy is effective as of September 2, 2010.

General Statement. Jambodoc is committed to not disclosing your Personal Information to third parties without your consent, subject to the limited circumstances described below. “Personal Information” is information about you that is personally identifiable to you, like your name, address, email address or phone number, history of your use of this Web site, your transmissions, messages, and communications that have passed through the Web site, as well as other non-public information that is associated with the foregoing.

Please read the following Policy to understand how we collect Personal Information from you, use the information, and protect the information. This Privacy Policy does not extend to anything that is inherent in the operation of the Internet and therefore beyond our control, and is not to be applied in any manner contrary to applicable law or governmental regulation.

Periodic Changes to This Policy. We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make substantial changes to this Privacy Policy, we will post the updated Privacy Policy on this page and we will post notice that this Privacy Policy has changed on the Jambodoc homepage. The notification of revised terms will appear on this Web site 7 days prior to the changes taking place. Once any changes that we make to this Privacy Policy become effective, your continued use of this Web site after such time will signify your acceptance of the new terms. We therefore recommend that you refer to this Privacy Policy regularly. If the effective date has changed since your last review, please review the Privacy Policy in full for any changes. Such changes will be effective upon posting on this Web site.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the practices of this Site, you may contact our Customer Service at our general mailing address at 20 Ocean Point, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, or by e-mail to

Your Acceptance Of These Terms. By visiting or otherwise using this Web site, you signify your agreement to and acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the Terms Of Use and any posted changes to either of them, and you expressly consent to the handling of your Personal Information according to this Privacy Policy. Your Personal Information may be processed in states where laws regarding the processing of Personal Information may be less stringent than the laws in your own state. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, please do not use this Web site.

Member Termination of Jambodoc Account. If at any time you object to our use of your Personal Information, you may discontinue your account with Jambodoc by submitting a written request to Upon such discontinuation, Jambodoc shall make available to your physician or health care provider copies of your messages, communications, and record of transmission in [.pdf] or other suitable electronic format as determined by Jambodoc in its sole discretion, which may be downloaded directly from Jambodoc servers for a period of 180 days following the date of termination of your account. You may receive copies of your messages, communications, and record of transmission only through a request to your physician or health care provider.

Links To Other Sites. Jambodoc is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any other Web sites to which the Site links or which link to the Site. By clicking on a link, logo or other item, please note that you may no longer be on the Jambodoc Web site. Any link to a page that displays a URL (that is, a Web site address) of a non- Jambodoc Web site in the address window of your browser or that indicates that it is “powered by” an entity other than Jambodoc, is a link to a site outside of our service and outside of our control. These other sites may send their own cookies to you, collect data or solicit your personal information. We urge you to review carefully the Privacy Policy of any such third party provider prior to using its Web site or providing any personal information through its Web site to determine how your personal information will be used. Your correspondence or business dealings through such third party sites with any third party providers, including payment for and delivery of goods or services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between you and such providers. Please note that we do not guarantee and are not responsible for the content of outside sites.

What Information We Know About You And How We Use It

In your use of Jambodoc, you will be asked to provide certain Personal Information. Some of the requested Personal Information will be required and some will be optional. Other information will be generated automatically as you use the Web site – for example, a history of postings, messages, communications, transmission, and pages visited.

Personal Information that you give us

  • When we collect: Jambodoc collects Personal Information when you create a Jambodoc account or when you use certain services provided through the Jambodoc Web site. In certain instances, Personal Information is collected by specifically requesting it from you; we use this Personal Information only for the specific purpose specified at the time you input such information.
  • Other data and changes to this Privacy Policy: We may also require other information for tracking or verifying compliance with our policies, abiding by federal, state and local laws and for editorial and feedback solicitation purposes. In addition, from time to time, we may use your information for new, unanticipated uses, such as notification of new services, announcements and general communications. If our information practices materially change at some time in the future, we will post such change to the Web site before we use your data for these new purposes, in accordance with the paragraph captioned “Periodic Changes to This Policy” above.
  • Third-party use: We do not send any of your Personal Information to our advertisers.

Protected Health Information

The Jambodoc Web site is a passive conduit by which patients and health care recipients (“Members”) may communicate with their physicians and other health care providers, who are registered under a subscription with Jambodoc (“Providers”), regarding their health, care, well-being, and treatment. As a result, the nature of the communications, messages, and transmissions between or among a Member and Provider(s) will likely contain the Member’s personal health and medical information, which may be regulated by the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and accompanying regulations, as may be amended from time to time (“HIPAA”), as Protected Health Information or PHI, as such terms are defined under HIPAA. In compliance with HIPAA, Jambodoc has entered into a business associate agreement with each Member’s physician or healthcare provider who is a Provider to handle the Member’s PHI.

The definition of PHI is interpreted rather broadly and includes any part of a Member’s medical record or payment history, and specifically contains any of the following list of 18 identifiers:

  1. Names
  2. All geographical subdivisions smaller than a State, including street address, city, county, precinct, zip code, and their equivalent geocodes
  3. Dates (other than year) for dates directly related to an individual, including birth date, admission date, discharge date, date of death; and all ages over 89 and all elements of dates (including year) indicative of such age, except that such ages and elements may be aggregated into a single category of age 90 or older
  4. Phone numbers
  5. Fax numbers
  6. Electronic mail addresses
  7. Social Security numbers
  8. Medical record numbers
  9. Health plan beneficiary numbers
  10. Account numbers
  11. Certificate/license numbers
  12. Vehicle identifiers and serial numbers, including license plate numbers
  13. Device identifiers and serial numbers
  14. Web Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)
  15. Internet Protocol (IP) address numbers
  16. Biometric identifiers, including finger, retinal and voice prints
  17. Full face photographic images and any comparable images
  18. Any other unique identifying number, characteristic, or code (note this does not mean the unique code assigned by the investigator to code the data)

By using the Jambodoc Web site, you acknowledge, consent to, and hereby grant to Jambodoc a perpetual, non-exclusive license to use, for its own research, commercial, and quality improvement purposes, de-identified Personal Information from which all of the foregoing identifiable elements have been removed to render the Personal Information to not be PHI (“Anonymous Information”), and you acknowledge and consent to Jambodoc’s de-identification of the Personal Information. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that Jambodoc desires to use Anonymous Information for research purposes, it shall do so in a manner that complies with HIPAA and other applicable law, and if legally required, Jambodoc shall seek your subsequent, additional consent to do so.

Delivery and Receipt of Personal Information.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that Jambodoc, its members, directors, officers, employees, and agents shall have no responsibility or liability associated with any Personal Information prior to the Receipt of such Personal Information by Jambodoc from any Subscriber, Provider, or Member who is registered to use the Jambodoc Web site, or following the Delivery of Personal Information by Jambodoc to any Subscriber, Provider, or Member who is registered to use the Jambodoc Web site.

  • “Delivery” shall be defined as the moment when any communication, message, or exchange of Personal Information crosses the Jambodoc firewall to exit the Jambodoc servers in a transmission to any Subscriber, Provider, or Member who is registered to use the Jambodoc Web site.
  • “Receipt” shall be defined as the moment when any communication, message, or exchange of Personal Information reaches the Jambodoc servers to cross the Jambodoc firewall from any computer, hardware, or device of Subscriber, Provider, or Member who is registered to use the Jambodoc Web site.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that Jambodoc shall have no responsibility for any breach, loss, or theft of any Personal Information on any computer, terminal, or device of Subscriber, Provider, or Member who is registered to use the Website or during transmission of such Personal Information to or from the Jambodoc Web site.

You shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Jambodoc and its respective members, directors, officers, successors, and assigns from any and all loss, cost, liability, and expense (including reasonable attorneys’ and experts’ fees) arising from or relating to any Subscriber, its Provider’s, the Member’s and your use, storage, duplication, copying, modification, transmission, loss, or theft of any Personal Information following the Delivery of such Personal Information to Subscriber, its Providers, or any Member or prior to the Receipt of such Personal Information by Jambodoc.

Information that we automatically gather through your use of our site

Aside from any information you may actively disclose to us, there is other, less obvious, information which we might obtain from you. We may use such information for internal purposes such as to improve the content of our Web pages or to customize the layout of our pages for each individual according to their preferences or browser platform. In addition, we may track your account history regarding your participation on the Web site. As an automatic process, our Web server software records a log file of IP addresses that access the Web site, but we do not ordinarily link IP addresses to members’ Personal Information. We can and will, however, use IP addresses to identify an account when we, in our sole discretion, determine that it is necessary to enforce compliance with our Terms of Use or to protect our service, Web site, customers, visitors, or others.

Aggregate or anonymous information

Our system automatically collects information about the areas visitors frequent on our Web site. We may use this aggregate information to understand how Members, Subscribers, Providers, and visitors as a group use the Web site so that we can improve our Web site. In addition, we may create Anonymous Information records from Personal Information by excluding the 18 identifiable elements that comprise PHI under HIPAA and that makes the information personally identifiable to any Member. We may use this Anonymous Information to analyze inquiry, request and usage patterns so that we may enhance services and the Web site. We reserve the right to use and disclose Anonymous Information to third parties in our discretion.

Some examples of how we collect or aggregate such information are as follows:

  • Cookies: A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to and stored on your computer by a Web site that you visit. Cookies enable member registration, login, and personalization, among other things. A cookie cannot identify you directly, but it can identify your computer. Your computer’s Internet browser is most likely set up to accept cookies automatically. If you would like to disable this feature you may do so by adjusting the options or preferences in your browser. However, by doing so, you will lose some of the conveniences of the Jambodoc Web pages.
  • IP Addresses: An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer. Jambodoc collects IP addresses for the purposes of system administration and to audit the use of our site. Each time you log onto our site and each time you request one of our pages, our server logs your IP address. We log your session with us and we will link your IP address in order to police unauthorized use of the site. We can and will use IP addresses to identify an account holder when we feel it is necessary to enforce compliance with our rules or terms of service or to protect our service, Web site, visitors, account holders, or others.
  • Computer Information: The Jambodoc Web site will automatically gather information about the computer or operating system you are using such as the error messages you may have received. This information allows Jambodoc to better fit our services to your individual needs and to diagnose problems you may be having with our Web site. We use unique identifiers such as member I-D’s to give you access to special areas of our Web site intended for registered members.
  • Geographic Location: We may gather information about your geographical location by determining where your computer is located. We do this in order to provide either localized service or to provide faster service by sending your server localized content.

Uses of Personal Information

We use Personal Information for our own internal purposes including quality improvement, recording and analyzing, and to advise you of updates to our services and information relating to your use of this Web site.

We also provide you with the opportunity to receive (or to opt out of receiving) email communications of information, including newsletters, that we think may be of interest to you.

If our company or our assets related to the Web site are acquired by another company, we will attempt to notify you so that you may make an informed decision about this new use of your Personal Information. See the “Periodic Changes to This Policy” section above to find out how we will notify you.

When We May Be Forced To Disclose

We may disclose Personal Information in special cases when we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be causing injury to or interference with (either intentionally or unintentionally) our rights or property or the rights or property of our members or others. We also may disclose Personal Information when we believe in good faith that the law, legal process or a lawful investigation requires it. Notwithstanding any to the contrary contained herein, we shall not disclose a Member’s Personal Information that constitutes PHI to any person other than the Subscriber or Provider that is registered as the Member’s health care provider, except as required under HIPAA, the business associate agreement by and between Jambodoc and your health care provider, or as you specifically direct in writing.


The importance of security is a top priority for us. We exercise great care in providing secure transmission of your information from your Internet connection to our servers. We also take great care to protect your information off-line. All of your data is handled only by authorized personnel. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, and we will not be held liable should a third party illegally obtain your Personal Information following Delivery or prior to Receipt of your Personal Information by Jambodoc. While we have made a great effort to protect your Personal Information, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to or from us, and you do so at your own risk.