We fix the most frustrating problem in healthcare

We've made it so patients and doctors can talk to each other again.

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A happy "Jambo" from our team!

At JamboDoc, we believe that direct messaging is the future of the doctor-patient relationship.

We took our name from the Swahili word for “hello” - a friendly, casual greeting. It really encompasses what we stand for and the one most important thing that we feel is missing from healthcare today.

It’s a simple greeting, but it’s an idea that changes everything about the way doctors can care for their patients.

JamboDoc restores the doctor patient relationship

We believe a great relationship is essential to great care.

The founder of modern medicine, Sir William Osler, said that good doctors treat diseases, but great doctors treat the people who have diseases.

In a commoditized healthcare marketplace, insurance companies and hospital networks are in a race to the bottom. It’s all about cheap, off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter care. When you devalue care, patients don't care who their doctor is anymore - or if their doctor is even a doctor. They're treated as nothing more than a disease.

It’s a worrying trend that we saw coming a decade ago. We believe there’s a better way.

Happy doctor

We care about doctors and patients.

It’s a shame to see so many doctors struggling in today’s healthcare environment. Big Healthcare has taken away their strategic advantage and made it seem like doctors are trapped in a system that forces them to see 50 patients a day or move into administration.

The most noble profession in the world deserves better than that. But we can’t just sit around and hope Big Healthcare comes up with a way to fix it. We have to take matters into our own hands and find ways to engage with patients that aren’t controlled by insurance companies and healthcare executives.

The rise of the internet and mobile phones has given us the perfect opportunity to reinvent the way doctors care for patients. And we can do it without abandoning the current system and forcing patients into a high cost concierge model.

Doctors just need to be there for their patients. By sending them messages. On their phones. Just like their friends.

That’s how healthcare should be.

Pink unicorn

We don’t believe in unicorns.

JamboDoc isn’t some manufactured Bay Area startup pushed for irrational growth by venture capitalists. We’re a small homegrown business, nestled in historic Charleston, SC.

We believe in taking the time to think through our ideas and to implement things in a way that makes sense for the people using the product, not the investors pushing for scale.

We’re not here to make a quick buck, we’re here to make the world just a little bit better than it was when we got here.

Better for the overwhelmed doctors who are getting burned out and pushed aside.

Better for the frustrated patients who can’t understand why everything is so complicated.

And better for our children, who deserve healthcare that makes them healthier instead of making Big Healthcare richer.

Simple. Secure. Direct Messaging.

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